Saturday, 11 August 2012

Feeling Better & A Trip To Benllech Beach

Sorry guys, haven't been feeling 100% well lately,  luckily I am now a little better and back on the PC. i have had an amazing 2 weeks, have been to London twice to see the Olympics, once at Wimbledon with my son to see the tennis, and the 2nd time to the actual Olympic Park with my sister, on a VIP trip. I will be writing about both trips ASAP and updating with some pics. I also need to think of another competition prize!!

I spent the day yesterday recuperating in the sun, sitting having some lunch right by the sea at one of my favourite Beach's at Benllech, Anglesey, North Wales. its a lovely cafe called the Bay Cafe/Restaurant  It has a great day and evening menu. My daughter's boyfriend works there as a waiter so my daughter has been a few times and had some lovely meals, they do a lovely fresh sea bass etc. We decided to only have a light meal as it was such a hot day, I had prawns and jacket potato and my partner he had a hamburger made of the freshest beef and chips. Both were lovely.

This is the amazing view from my seat

This beach is great for kids, its huge, sandy, the tide goes right in and out so plenty of room to play but as the tide will come back right up, its handy for paddling, swimming etc. They sometimes have kids clubs/donkeys/bouncy castles in the summer. All year round they have a cafe across the road, parking is about £3.50 for the day and if you cannot park in the main carpark there is an overflow carpark at the top of the hill and roadside parking for up to 60 mins etc.
    We visit this beach quite alot during the year, there are rocks and dunes for the kids to play on and a river flowing into the sea that they like to dig and dam up - this can take hours and usually most of the kids from the beahc are there helping so you can lie back and sunbathe in peace.

Also Benllech is a lovely holiday area, lots of shops, food places, walks, drives to other local beachs and activities etc. there are quite a few caravan places to stay at and camping facilities just a walk away from the sea.

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  1. haha I'd forgotten how massive it is when the tide is out! I just remember what a tiny patch it shrinks to when the tide is in! I used to play there as a child in the little stream that flowed into it. It seemed like a little magic part of the beach that nobody else had discovered!