Sunday, 4 November 2012

Latest Competitions

I am currently not holding any competitions but here are some of my favourite competitions that are being held at the moment

200 follower MAC lipstick & Models Own giveaway! Open for UK & international followers ENDS 3RD Feb 2012

win a kids white cabin bed - Contest Ends February 28, 2013 at 12:00 pm

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Halloween 2012 - Party and Dressing up time

 So this year, my friend Zoe asked if we could go out on Halloween, now i normally answer the door to trick or treaters and help my kids into their costumes and take them to some kind of party or castle or event of some kind. But my friend celebrates Halloween by going out for a drink as she lost her dear best friend a few years back and her birthday was on Halloween, so now she celebrates it without her, so what could i say?? hell yeah i am going out lol !!

Its half term this year and i am still tired from being at Alton Towers the day before and also  from the weekend before in Portugal celebrating my daughters 18th. But life goes on and things need to be done!
My friend Julie is also coming along and my boyfriend Tony and whoever else we can find mad enough. We have decided to to go the local nightclub that is doing a Zombies V Vampire night. I am dressing up as a witch, my boyfriend as a Zombie, Zoe as a Vampire, her sister as a mad person eating zombie and Julie - well shes too scared to dress up lol

 Me and my cat Jasper, his eyes are scarier than me lol

I got dressed up as above and get the sweets ready for the trick or treaters, i accidently scare a little girl at my door as i stepped into the light, bless her she ran away screaming to her mum ha ha

 My daughter Natalie, a zombie school girl - all her own makeup, pretty impressed!

 My boyfriend Tony, the Zombie

we used the fake blood, baby powder in hair, some latex glue stuff that made good scrapes and cuts and we slashed his shirt and added blood and gravy browning lol

 Me as the wicked witch of the West

i just painted my face green and added the costume lol

 Zombie Tony and my mate Julie
 Julie and Me

 Caz - so lifelike!! scary zombie lol

Zombie Tony and Vampire Zoe

 Official Embassy Night Club Photo - From Left to right: Julie, Tony, Me, Zoe & Caz

We visited a few pubs on the way to the club and my boyfriend even visited the local garage to get some cash out of the machine - people putting their petrol in had a right laugh at him lol 

as you can see we had a fab time, the only downer on the night is that the club shut at 2am, whats with that? lol i was still rearing to go.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone, see you all next year.........

Our Stay at the Alton Towers Resort! Park & waterpark Spash Zone

I recently won a visit to the Alton Towers Hotel with tickets to the park and splash zone!! this was a weetabix competition on face book ( a vote one) the kids were pretty excited, as was i lol
we got there early Sunday evening, checked in really easily, all the staff were lovely and polite! very impressed. The atmosphere was child friendly and very Alton Towers with the music etc. The lift even had music which added some fun to the experience. we loved out room, unfortunately we hadn't bothered with a themed room but ours was basic but comfy. all the beds are silent night ones so very comfy. we had a king size bed and bunk beds, the boys argued for the top bunk but luckily we stayed 2 nights so one night each guys lol

we got changed and ran downstairs so we could go watch the entertainment. we decided to order some cocktails so with my daughter being newly 18 and having ID we made her go order the drinks lol, she got asked for her ID and was very nervous bless her lol 
we got some kind of vampire cocktail which was lovely, i ended up with a sligjtly blue tongue tho lol

the live band was really impressive, they were all dressed up Halloween style and played/sang the latest songs live. we really enjoyed it all. so off to bed, get ready for our early morning, alarm is set for 7.30am!!

we are up with the alarm, straight for breakfast, which was lovely, a selection of cereals, fruits, pastries, juices, hot drinks and cooked breakfast, yummy. we stuffed ourselves and then ran upstairs to get ready for a day in the park.

the monorail to get there was fun, we manged to get in and on 13 without any queues as we were there really early. the kids then ran around deciding what rides to go on, we went on all the water rides, which were great fun and we got pretty wet, i loved the fact you can shoot people with water while they are on the rides, so we did that alot.

we got pretty tired at about 2pm, so we went back to our rooms, got changed and decided to to go the spashzone for a bit, we had 2 day tickets for both so thought we would go back to the park later in the evening as it was open till 9pm. the water park was pretty good, the boys loved it, we didn't see them much other than the occasional queue for the slides. there was a nice outdoor Jacuzzi which was lovely so myself and my daughter just relaxed in there.

about 5pm we went back to our room to get ready for our evening in the park - now it was getting dark and the park looked amazing with all the lights etc. the kids went on Oblivion and a few other  rides. i took my son to the Ice Age 4d show which was fab, i just love these and it was fun how it snowed for us etc.

we left the park at about 8.30 tired and hungry, went back to our rooms to change then went down for dinner (i had booked a table at the restaurant) we had the most amazing food there, i had slow cooked duck with a stirfry and it had the most amazing sauce, best duck ever! Natalie had salmon linguine, which was lovely too and Paul had chicken wraps which arrived in a box type plate. Matty boring as usual had a burger lol

 we were so tired after our day at the park that we went straight to bed and fell asleep before 11pm ha ha
Above is the picture we had taken at the aquarium as we went in, i think its pretty snazzy. they also had them at the IceAge 4d show with a snow background but unfortunately our pic was not very good.
next morning we worked a little slower, getting up at 7.45, wondering down fro breakfast and then coming back to bed for half an hour. so tired etc we had to check out by 10am so by 9.30 we were packed and leaving our room, ready for another day at the park.  checking out was a breeze but this time as we were so late leaving, the queue fro the monorail was awful! silly us decided to walk to the park - i wouldn't recommend this as its really far lol the kids wanted to go on the spinning mouse ride - the queue for that was horrendous too!

luckily the next ride we wanted to go on we had a fast track for, compliments of the hotel so it was perfect as that queue would have been very long too!! we finally managed to get Paul on a ride, hes 14 and pretty nervous at new things so this was great, i loved 13, its a rollercoaster with a little twist at the end, cannot wait to go on it again.

 As you can see by the pic above, my son Matty is a bit of a poser and knew exactly where the camera was, i got this as a keyring so i can always remember it ha ha

 We got quite bored of the queues and decided to go back to the water park for the afternoon before our long drive home back to Wales. We had a great time, my tips would be to wear comfy shoes, make sure you go the ride your really want to go on first before the queues get huge and maybe get some fast tracks for rides if you can. Also take alot of money as its all pretty expensive!

Friday, 26 October 2012

My Daughters 18th Birthday Trip to Portugal - Albufeira Strip!!

What a blast, i took my daughter her 8 friends ranging from 16-17 and my sister on a long weekend to Albufeira, Portugal for an 18th birthday celebration.
Now i thought i was mad cos to be honest, the thought of taking 9 teenagers anywhere was pretty scary lol but it all worked out great. they all behaved amazingly and no arguments between them at all!
so we all left wales on the Thursday afternoon, we had a minibus all booked to pick us up, we managed to only take 3 big suitcases and we all had hand luggage. quite impressive, think we had 3 hairdryers and 2 straighteners between us all and about 20 pairs of shoes ha ha

We got to Manchester airport with plenty of time to spare, checked in our 3 suitcases and went to make our way though security, i was a little nervous at losing one of them so we had a headcount game, well we tried but it seems teenagers cannot count to 11 lol or remember a simple number.

Managed to upset a guy in the queue when one of the girls came over to stand next to me after i called her, he accused her of pushing in lol i told him straight that she didn't push in and that he was being silly. this got him all riled up and he started shouting at us. OOps lol

so hand luggage going through security and one of the girls has left her liquids in her suitcase so she gets it checked then they test the liquids lol what fun.

finally we are all through and the girls are off looking at the duty free, we all go get some sandwiches and drinks etc for the plane, i find the meal deals in Boots to be a bargain for the aeroplane. a bottle of water costs about 3 euros on the plane so definitely a saving buying before u fly! i go off to look at the sunglasses and it seems they have quite a few in the sale, and they are pretty good prices. i just cannot choose a pair tho and end up with some Siena ones that cost me £25, they are pretty nice and definitely do the job so....

then we all go looking for our gate, which is the worst part about flying Ryanair, as if u don't get to your gate quick enough you could end up at the back of the queue and get a crap seat on the plane on your one. So one of us keeps an eye on the TV and finally our flight pops up at gate 54 i think it was, we all walk really fast to our gate and we get to board the plane really quickly. we get 4 rows between us and the flight isn't full so my sister and i get a 3 seater to ourselves. NICE.

so we settle in on our flight, its not bad, 3 hours pass by pretty quick and before we know it we have landed! whoop Alburfeira here we come!!

our mini bus is waiting for us as we get through security, i booked it with resorthoppa online and It was a bargain, got 2 minibuses to pick us up and take us to the resort which is about 40 minutes drive away.

We get to the hotel about 11.30pm ish check in pretty easily, go to our rooms sort out beds, unpack a little and its straight out to party!!!!! think we got home at 4am lol 

next day is spent by the pool, its not great but the kids are jumping in and out of the pool, oh to be 17 again lol those were the days

Little Black Dress Night - 2nd night out

2nd day is much better, girls are in the pool, sunbathing and my sister and i visit the beach! 

 Natalie's 18th Birthday, 3rd night out

4th night out is more sedate, we dress up but don't start drinking till later and we get home before 3am! fab lol

oh and here is myself as little red riding hood, dont i look cute?

so what a fab time we had!! great place to celebrate a birthday, stag due, hen night etc cannot wait to go back. We partied every night till 5am ish

unfortunately arriving home after all that drinking and dancing was quite a shock to our bodies, i could hardly walk from blisters from all that dancing and i felt like i had hit a truck my hangover was so bad. am just glad i didn't have to get up early and go to work the next day lol

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Latest Competitions

I am currently not holding any competitions but here are some of my favourite competitions that are being held at the moment

Win Ted Baker Sunglasses Worth £80

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Win an Apple iPad mini

TEVA Competition

Win an Apple iPhone 5

Fancy Dress Shopping for Natalies 18th at Mojo Costumes, Bangor, North Wales

For my daughters 18th birthday we are off to Portugal for a long weekend, girly holiday style. There are 11 of us going and its gonna be fun fun fun! we are all dressing up for Natalies actual birthday night which is the 20th October, so my sister and I decide we need to find a costume and whatever better place than Mojo Costumes, which is local to us and has so many costumes!! it costs from £10 to hire one for a few days and that is perfect.They also sell costumes and lots of accessories.

Here are some we tried on...................

 I will be going as Red Riding Hood, which is what my sister is wearing above.  Although i liked the batman costume i am wearing below, its not as cute as red riding hood lol i am going to find a basket to hold too.

My sister will be going in the Poison Ivy outfit but is changing it into a Tinkerbell by adding wings, putting a blonde wig with it and carrying a wand. She will also be buying some glittery spray for her arms and legs.

Quite liked being bunny girls lol but its a little short!!

the lady is so helpful she gave us loads of outfits to wear accessories and we had fun trying them all out, so please make sure if you want an outfit to visit  Mojo Costumes

Thursday, 16 August 2012

About Me - advertising, my family, blog competitions, product reviews

I am a mother of 3, i have 2 boy Matthew & Paul aged 15 and 14 and a daughter Natalie who has just turned 18. We live on Anglesey, North Wales which is a beautiful area and i have the most amazing view of the Snowdonia Mountain Range from my window.

I currently have some time on my hands and have made this blog to show my family and friends what I get up to. I currently enter competitions and this is my story about that here

I am holding my own competitions so if you own a product you would like added to any competition, or reviewed, or you have a facebook, website you need advertised then please contact me.

Contact details:

twitter: tamalyn1
facebook: tamalyn.roberts
email: tamalynroberts(at)

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Natalie going to see Alex Clare in Manchester!

I was lucky enough to win Alex Clare tickets in the latest Sony XperiaBots competition on Facebook. So i got some complimentary tickets for myself and 3 others to go see him in the Deaf Institute in Manchester. Unfortunately as i wasn't feeling 100% i was unable to go, but my daughter and her 3 friends went on the train and stayed overnight in a travelodge.
    Obviously being so close to a Primark, they decided to go shopping as soon as they got there lol

Anyway, the evening came and they went off to see Alex Clare, its a small venue, just a pub but the girls love it!! my daughter is so close, she gets the picture below without a single zoom

apparently he then sang a song directly to my daughter, ha ha Natalie also found out he was getting married the next day and couldn't sing his fab song "caroline" as that was his ex-girlfriends name. OOPS
    My daughter also got chatting to the guitarist outside too. so all in all they had a fabulous time!

To Close By Alex Clare available at Amazon

So thankyou SONY and thank you ALEX CLARE xx

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Holiday Giveaway Competition, Win a £10 TK Maxx Card

To celebrate my holiday to Lanzarote in just over a week, I am holding my 2nd Giveaway, its a £10 TK Maxx Card so you can buy whatever you like, some homewares, some clothes, something decorative, you name it it could be yours.

visit the Store now to see what you could buy TK Maxx

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Good Luck everyone and remember to please share share share 

Shopping with 2 Teenagers for school Uniform & Holiday Clothes

OK so today, I took the boys shopping to town, I need school uniform and clothes for holiday. Unfortunately i chose a really hot day! Had to drop my daughter off at the train station first, help her buy her ticket as shes gone to Manchester with her friends to watch ALEX CLARE - i won these tickets with XperiaBots!! whoop
    So next visit was to the docs for my blood tests, these are for my under active thyroid, so will get some info on Friday about that. Anyway while i was in the docs the boys went off to get an iced bun and to have a look at where the ambulance and the Fire Engine had gone that had passed us. Some poor old lady had reversed through the wall by the library in Menai Bridge and had gone straight through into the estate behind It, oops! that kept the boys riveted for a while anyway lol

So off shopping, dragged the boys to Matalan, Debenhams, River Island, Republic, H&M, Now i am confused as to why there are no summer items in the shops in August!! they have already put all the winter stuff out and the sales of summer clothes are finished more or less - why is that?? its sunny, hot and people are on hols or going on hols, so people NEED summer clothes!! you cannot even find a bikini in my high street, now i remember why i buy online so much lol
     I then bought the boys a healthy lunch at the local deli, they seemed to want a KFC but i preferred to take them to Crumbs!! a review here they do all kinds of nice healthy food, i love their jacket potatoes with tuna and coleslaw but they do all kinds of salads, baguettes, pasta, etc
    Carried on shopping, took the boys to Trespass for a look, totally didn't need anything but managed to buy myself 2 camping chairs and 2 camping stools, will come in handy am sure lol

My boys helping me choose some camping chairs!

    Ok school uniform time, managed to get 2 school sweatshirts each, some black shorts, 2 pairs of school trousers and their polo shirts. so all done! can i believe it?? not at all, i even got black socks whoop! normally i have to order in and manage to get it all about 2 days before school starts back up lol
   Even managed to get them some shorts, hats, pumps, and smart shirts for our holiday to Lanzarote a week on Sat so am even happier. managed to get myself some cardigans too and a nice top from one of the charity shops ssshhh my kids hate me going in them but i just love finding bargains. it was funny cos there was a dress in there that cost me a £1 in primark in the sale, they had it priced at £4.95 lol ha ha I managed to sneal off to NEW LOOK while to the boys to the stuff to the car, now i picked up quite a few summery bits in the sale there, although no matching bikini's. i took about 12 items to the dressing room and asked how many i could take in, bear in mind this place is dead, i am the only one in the dressing room. the lady said 6, so i try cutting down my items that I need to try before i buy save me coming out again, i got it down to 7 but the lady wont budge, i can only take 6, so i gave the 7th item back to the lady saying find i just wont have that item then cos i certainly aint getting fully dressed to come back and get just one extra item to try on.

Such hard work shopping - am glad we can now buy online, try and send back things we dont want! so i have come home, had a lovely cup of tea, and unpacked all my lovely shopping.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Congratulations to Laura and Ed on their Engagement!

I am excited to announce that my sister Laura and her Boyfriend Ed have got engaged!!!!

Here's to the future Mr and Mrs Ed Burke!!

Its so romantic the way he asked my sister to marry him, they went for a walk up to their favourite spot and had a lovely picnic!! he pulled out the ring on one knee and asked........

Anyway roll on the wedding which is next May, everyone is already getting stressed, my mum is worried about what she is wearing, apparently the wedding cake needs to be made out of our family traditional recipe!? where is the party going to be held etc lol
They are getting married in a church in Colwyn Bay which is sentimental to Ed and the hen night is in Abersoch with a meal out and something fun like Quad biking, so so far so good!!

Now off to enter every single wedding competition i can find, to help my sister out with costs would be great, to win a dream wedding dress for her, well that would be perfect!!!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Feeling Better & A Trip To Benllech Beach

Sorry guys, haven't been feeling 100% well lately,  luckily I am now a little better and back on the PC. i have had an amazing 2 weeks, have been to London twice to see the Olympics, once at Wimbledon with my son to see the tennis, and the 2nd time to the actual Olympic Park with my sister, on a VIP trip. I will be writing about both trips ASAP and updating with some pics. I also need to think of another competition prize!!

I spent the day yesterday recuperating in the sun, sitting having some lunch right by the sea at one of my favourite Beach's at Benllech, Anglesey, North Wales. its a lovely cafe called the Bay Cafe/Restaurant  It has a great day and evening menu. My daughter's boyfriend works there as a waiter so my daughter has been a few times and had some lovely meals, they do a lovely fresh sea bass etc. We decided to only have a light meal as it was such a hot day, I had prawns and jacket potato and my partner he had a hamburger made of the freshest beef and chips. Both were lovely.

This is the amazing view from my seat

This beach is great for kids, its huge, sandy, the tide goes right in and out so plenty of room to play but as the tide will come back right up, its handy for paddling, swimming etc. They sometimes have kids clubs/donkeys/bouncy castles in the summer. All year round they have a cafe across the road, parking is about £3.50 for the day and if you cannot park in the main carpark there is an overflow carpark at the top of the hill and roadside parking for up to 60 mins etc.
    We visit this beach quite alot during the year, there are rocks and dunes for the kids to play on and a river flowing into the sea that they like to dig and dam up - this can take hours and usually most of the kids from the beahc are there helping so you can lie back and sunbathe in peace.

Also Benllech is a lovely holiday area, lots of shops, food places, walks, drives to other local beachs and activities etc. there are quite a few caravan places to stay at and camping facilities just a walk away from the sea.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

How I started entering Competitions

My story begins on the mse grabbits board, in Januray 2012 this year, its a fab board with lots of nice people and we all share our bargains, prices glitches and discount codes etc. I have always entered competitions and been lucky (I won a mobile on the BNTM show which was great) but never seriously entered them everyday before. bargains were my favourite! I managed to get all my families birthday and Xmas presents as bargains for the last few years. I was visiting the FindMeAGift website and i saw they has a little competition on their face book page it was to win a Sex In The City necklace like Carrie used to wear, so as i had just bought something off their website, I went and entered. I didn't think anything of it, but then I won!! think there was 3 of us and i was so excited. it took about 3 weeks for the necklace to come as it had to be made specially for me and my name. 

Anyway within the 3 weeks of me winning this necklace and receiving it i had entered 1000's of comps and managed to win quite a few! I had the bug! i had actually met loads of people on face book that entered comps too, all people did was like/share all day lol i entered comps wherever i saw them.

Here is a list of some of my favourite wins!

  • £1200 washing machine - from twitter - tweeted once, got an email a few weeks later was in total shock!
  • £1000 Tesco vouchers from Real radio, about a week after the washing machine win, that was a shock too!
  • 2 Tickets to the preview of Battleship in London, travel and Hotel with Capital FM - great film and got to see Rhianna, Taylor Kitsch and Pete Berg
  • Valentines Hamper worth £70 Forman & Field's from a blog competition it came on Valentines day and it had fillet steaks to cook, a starter and a dessert, and some sparkly wine. it was scrumptious!!a
  • pair of TRACEY NEULS shoes which cost around £400 and they are soo comfy and smart. 
  • VIP Olympic trip, tickets to the athletics, 1st class train travel, personal shopper at Harvey Nichols with £500 to spend and a makeover, Lunch at the Ritz and Hotel stay at the Ritz!! all won with Trebor

Had to show you all the pic of the washing machine, its an LG 12Kg Direct drive Steam Clean amazing machine!! I love it, it fits everything in it, even a kingsize duvet. Having 3 kids, its been a lifesaver, i now wash less and its soooo quiet, i can talk on the phone right next to it, on full spin. more details on it HERE

Funnily to this very day, my favourite prize is the necklace, i wear it everyday and i love it! everyone always says how nice it is and its handy for if i ever knock my head and forget my name. so thanks to Find Me A Gift, I now enter lots and lots of competitions!!

Monday, 30 July 2012

An ill day - but planning for our olympic trip

Well today is an ill day, I had assumed it may just be a hangover from Saturday Night but having gone to bed early last night due to aches and pains, I still feel awful today so its a day in bed today, I need to get better as on Thursday, My son and I are going to Wimbledon to watch the quarter final Tennis Olympic style! woohoo.
    Hes so excited, so I need to be on top form. We travel down on Wednesday on the train, takes about 3 1/2 hours to get to London and luckily its straight through, I have a brilliant Auntie that lives about an hour away on the tube so we will be staying there. It will be nice to see her as we don't visit as much as we should due to living 250 miles away.
    We will be posting all kinds of pics here at the weekend and hope to write about our fab time and my son is so wanting to see his idol ANDY MURRAY.  We have got centre court tickets and great seats grade A. My boyfriend was so lucky to win them on a twitter competition. He only entered because i shouted at him too lol he didn't even understand twitter then. Took him a while to twig he had won as he didn't understand the messages part haha.
    we will also be visiting the museum, walking around to the other courts and hoping to see some famous people! woohoo.

Centre Court Map

This is where we are sitting! at the dark shaded 111 aisle. looks  good to me!

my sons are both tennis addicts, but my youngest Paul who is 13 is the most addictive tennis player ever. he plays daily and will run down to the local primary school every morning to have a hit about. he started playing last summer, he's joined the local tennis club and also goes to a tennis lesson once a week. I have also started him in another tennis club a little further away and paid for him to have some private lessons to help with his serve etc.
His school has tennis courts but shamefully they do not have tennis lessons in their PE curriculum. I wish that schools actually wanted the kids to do well in these type of sports Cricket, Tennis, Golf etc i don't understand how we are meant to have sports stars if the lessons and opportunities are not there for our kids.

Ok well more from me when i am feeling a little better......

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Our Diamond Jubilee Walk Up Snowdon

For the Queens Jubilee this year, we decided as a family to walk up Snowdon. Now we had done this a couple of years ago and had wanted to go again for a while but the weather makes it very difficult as if you go up on a really cloudy day there will not be a very good view and that's what I walk up there for. Luckily i can see the top of snowdon from my bedroom window, so we can check before we go.

   I took the kids shopping for our picnic stuff, managing to buy lots of great food, sausage rolls, savoury eggs, eggs for our egg may sandwich's and my other faves tuna, cucumber and onion. yummy.
Then i went hunting for waterproofs and walking shoes. Luckily i had bought the kids some great walking shoes in the recent sales at Millets, got some great Berghaus Shoes for my son Matty for £20 total bargain and great for this type of walk. I packed up the kids backpacks, picnic, drinks, waterproofs (we do live in Wales! ) I told them to choose a tshirt, a thin fleece for easy packing etc. Then went to make sure i had everything needed.

Now people forget that it may be nice and warm when you start the walk, but as you climb higher it can get freezing cold, so separates are the way to go. i wore shorts and packed some leggings just in case and i had my great waterproof coat.
    So off we went, my 2 teenage boys, my boyfriend and his cousin and I. we parked the car at Rhydd Ddu, i hadn't been up this way since i was a kid and had wanted to walk up this way for a while now, its a great walk with brilliant views of all sides of the mountain. The only problem is there is a very narrow ridge at the top that you have to walk across so if you are afraid of heights etc then this may not be the best way to walk up. there are currently about 7 official routes up Snowdon. we walked up no. 7's route of the Rhyd Ddu and then down the Snowdon Ranger Path - remember if you do this that the ranger path comes down about a mile away from where we parked the car for the Rhydd Ddu path lol not good after a hard days walk lol

  1. The Llanberis Path (up and down)
  2. Snowdon Horseshoe (5 'nails' possible!)
  3. Via the Moel Eilio Ridge and down Llanberis path
  4. Yr Aran and the South Ridge down the Rhyd Ddu 
  5. The Miners and Pyg Track
  6. The Watkin Path and South Ridge
  7. The Rhyd Ddu and Snowdon Ranger Paths
 a great link here for all the official routes which shows the routes and gives all the info on times etc

We started walking and we took pics on the way up, the kids loved it, not a single moan. We had only been walking for about 20 minutes when my boyfriend found some car keys, they were for a Mercedes, so we assumed someone had lost them not long before us as it was about 8.15am so we took them with is and anyone who passed us we asked if the kids belonged to them, unfortunately all the way up and back down we never came across the owners. more on this story below.....

The weather wasn't too bad, it started to rain half way up so we all got a chance to wear our waterproofs as we got very wet very quickly, luckily it slowed down to a drizzle after a while, it took us about 4 hours to walk up, only due to the fact we kept stopping cos i was so unfit lol when we got to the top, it was packed! the cafe which has recently been remodelled, was very busy, and the top where u stand for pics was hectic, there was a queue to take your pic, but when i called out for my son, i noticed he had climbed up for me to take a pic. I had to laugh, so i snapped one quick. i saw that anyone who tried to walk past the queue was quickly told THERE IS A QUEUE U KNOW so we couldn't be bothered queueing just to take a pic of a silly stone so we all stood on the edges and took our pics.
    We found a nice place at the top to eat our picnic, take our pics, have a quick trip to the toilet and then we started to walk back down. what made me laugh was the fact there was so many people walking up past us as we tried to go down. All the paths converge at this point so its like a huge traffic jam and walking on the tube kind of thing.

The walk down was a little harder and made my legs ache, its very jolting. Thew views are amazing tho and the weather was great, it started to get warmer as we got lower. although it felt like we had walked for hours, it was only 3 hours. Unfortunately as i mentioned earlier, we hadn't realised that the Snowdon ranger Path actually ended 1 mile away from the car park we had started off at, so my cousin actually walked along the main road to the car and drove it back to pick us up. Bless him he was an angel cos i couldn't have walked any further lol

Back at the car park, we looked to see if there was a Mercedes still there, and yes there was a lovely Mercedes convertible just sitting there with no owner anywhere near. We could see there was a bag under the wheel so we knew the owner want that far away so we went down to the local pub to ask if anyone had been asking about their car keys. no one had so we waited around a while, then decided to leave a note with our phone number on home and mobile saying for the owner of the car to ring, and we hid the car keys above the tyre - cow we are in the middle of nowhere here, even mobile phone signal has gone! so not sure what else to do. About 20 mins after we got home, i got a phone call, it was the guy for his keys, he had been to the pub and phoned me direct for there, i told his where he could find his keys and he was sooo happy. he had been up and down Snowdon, then gone up again. he was so glad we had found his keys as he lived In Oxford or somewhere and it was gonna be a long way home without the car to get his spare set of keys. So luckily it all ended well.

We intend to walk up again when the weather is ok, this time we will go up the Watkin Path.

For more info about walking up Snowdown please visit Visit Snowdonia's website here and The Snowdonia National Park here
This is near the summit, look how busy it is!!

This is the train, which goes up and down all day!! for those that are not up for the walk!

this is a video I took at the top