Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Natalie going to see Alex Clare in Manchester!

I was lucky enough to win Alex Clare tickets in the latest Sony XperiaBots competition on Facebook. So i got some complimentary tickets for myself and 3 others to go see him in the Deaf Institute in Manchester. Unfortunately as i wasn't feeling 100% i was unable to go, but my daughter and her 3 friends went on the train and stayed overnight in a travelodge.
    Obviously being so close to a Primark, they decided to go shopping as soon as they got there lol

Anyway, the evening came and they went off to see Alex Clare, its a small venue, just a pub but the girls love it!! my daughter is so close, she gets the picture below without a single zoom

apparently he then sang a song directly to my daughter, ha ha Natalie also found out he was getting married the next day and couldn't sing his fab song "caroline" as that was his ex-girlfriends name. OOPS
    My daughter also got chatting to the guitarist outside too. so all in all they had a fabulous time!

To Close By Alex Clare available at Amazon

So thankyou SONY and thank you ALEX CLARE xx

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