Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Enjoying Snowdonia in the Spring - Snow in North wales

Enjoying Snowdonia in the Spring

We are very lucky to live in such a beautiful area, enjoying lakes, mountains and beautiful beaches all year round. This easter holidays we have gone on some amazing walks and the picture below is one my son took while walking up to Llyn Idwal (lake Idwal) in Snowdonia, its beautiful whatever the weather as you can see below, the snow and brrrr cold

This is the view of Cwm Idwal in the Glyderau mountains of Snowdonia. It is named after Prince Idwal Foel, a grandson of Rhodri Mawr, one of the ancient Kings of Wales - funnily enough if you zoom in on this photo you can actually see Anglesey right in the background and probably my house if you have extra zoom! 

here are some more pictures of the day, it was fab, a nice hot cuppa tea from our flasks helped keep us warm.

We often take walks up to the lake, here are some Autumn photos

This summer we hope to get past the huge lake and go right up and over the mounain, with a picnic. i was lucky enough to win some amazing walking boots from mountain warehouse

After spending 4 hours in the deep snow, rain and walking, my feet came home dry and confortable, such amazing boots, am very pleased with them.

We also have an idea to attempt Ben Nevis at some point, we enjoy Snowdonia and have walked up Snowdon quite a few times over the years, think we are ready for a challenge.

This is a photo of us a few years ago enjoying the summit of Snowdon and beautiful views