Thursday, 16 August 2012

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I am a mother of 3, i have 2 boy Matthew & Paul aged 15 and 14 and a daughter Natalie who has just turned 18. We live on Anglesey, North Wales which is a beautiful area and i have the most amazing view of the Snowdonia Mountain Range from my window.

I currently have some time on my hands and have made this blog to show my family and friends what I get up to. I currently enter competitions and this is my story about that here

I am holding my own competitions so if you own a product you would like added to any competition, or reviewed, or you have a facebook, website you need advertised then please contact me.

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Natalie going to see Alex Clare in Manchester!

I was lucky enough to win Alex Clare tickets in the latest Sony XperiaBots competition on Facebook. So i got some complimentary tickets for myself and 3 others to go see him in the Deaf Institute in Manchester. Unfortunately as i wasn't feeling 100% i was unable to go, but my daughter and her 3 friends went on the train and stayed overnight in a travelodge.
    Obviously being so close to a Primark, they decided to go shopping as soon as they got there lol

Anyway, the evening came and they went off to see Alex Clare, its a small venue, just a pub but the girls love it!! my daughter is so close, she gets the picture below without a single zoom

apparently he then sang a song directly to my daughter, ha ha Natalie also found out he was getting married the next day and couldn't sing his fab song "caroline" as that was his ex-girlfriends name. OOPS
    My daughter also got chatting to the guitarist outside too. so all in all they had a fabulous time!

To Close By Alex Clare available at Amazon

So thankyou SONY and thank you ALEX CLARE xx

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Holiday Giveaway Competition, Win a £10 TK Maxx Card

To celebrate my holiday to Lanzarote in just over a week, I am holding my 2nd Giveaway, its a £10 TK Maxx Card so you can buy whatever you like, some homewares, some clothes, something decorative, you name it it could be yours.

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Good Luck everyone and remember to please share share share 

Shopping with 2 Teenagers for school Uniform & Holiday Clothes

OK so today, I took the boys shopping to town, I need school uniform and clothes for holiday. Unfortunately i chose a really hot day! Had to drop my daughter off at the train station first, help her buy her ticket as shes gone to Manchester with her friends to watch ALEX CLARE - i won these tickets with XperiaBots!! whoop
    So next visit was to the docs for my blood tests, these are for my under active thyroid, so will get some info on Friday about that. Anyway while i was in the docs the boys went off to get an iced bun and to have a look at where the ambulance and the Fire Engine had gone that had passed us. Some poor old lady had reversed through the wall by the library in Menai Bridge and had gone straight through into the estate behind It, oops! that kept the boys riveted for a while anyway lol

So off shopping, dragged the boys to Matalan, Debenhams, River Island, Republic, H&M, Now i am confused as to why there are no summer items in the shops in August!! they have already put all the winter stuff out and the sales of summer clothes are finished more or less - why is that?? its sunny, hot and people are on hols or going on hols, so people NEED summer clothes!! you cannot even find a bikini in my high street, now i remember why i buy online so much lol
     I then bought the boys a healthy lunch at the local deli, they seemed to want a KFC but i preferred to take them to Crumbs!! a review here they do all kinds of nice healthy food, i love their jacket potatoes with tuna and coleslaw but they do all kinds of salads, baguettes, pasta, etc
    Carried on shopping, took the boys to Trespass for a look, totally didn't need anything but managed to buy myself 2 camping chairs and 2 camping stools, will come in handy am sure lol

My boys helping me choose some camping chairs!

    Ok school uniform time, managed to get 2 school sweatshirts each, some black shorts, 2 pairs of school trousers and their polo shirts. so all done! can i believe it?? not at all, i even got black socks whoop! normally i have to order in and manage to get it all about 2 days before school starts back up lol
   Even managed to get them some shorts, hats, pumps, and smart shirts for our holiday to Lanzarote a week on Sat so am even happier. managed to get myself some cardigans too and a nice top from one of the charity shops ssshhh my kids hate me going in them but i just love finding bargains. it was funny cos there was a dress in there that cost me a £1 in primark in the sale, they had it priced at £4.95 lol ha ha I managed to sneal off to NEW LOOK while to the boys to the stuff to the car, now i picked up quite a few summery bits in the sale there, although no matching bikini's. i took about 12 items to the dressing room and asked how many i could take in, bear in mind this place is dead, i am the only one in the dressing room. the lady said 6, so i try cutting down my items that I need to try before i buy save me coming out again, i got it down to 7 but the lady wont budge, i can only take 6, so i gave the 7th item back to the lady saying find i just wont have that item then cos i certainly aint getting fully dressed to come back and get just one extra item to try on.

Such hard work shopping - am glad we can now buy online, try and send back things we dont want! so i have come home, had a lovely cup of tea, and unpacked all my lovely shopping.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Congratulations to Laura and Ed on their Engagement!

I am excited to announce that my sister Laura and her Boyfriend Ed have got engaged!!!!

Here's to the future Mr and Mrs Ed Burke!!

Its so romantic the way he asked my sister to marry him, they went for a walk up to their favourite spot and had a lovely picnic!! he pulled out the ring on one knee and asked........

Anyway roll on the wedding which is next May, everyone is already getting stressed, my mum is worried about what she is wearing, apparently the wedding cake needs to be made out of our family traditional recipe!? where is the party going to be held etc lol
They are getting married in a church in Colwyn Bay which is sentimental to Ed and the hen night is in Abersoch with a meal out and something fun like Quad biking, so so far so good!!

Now off to enter every single wedding competition i can find, to help my sister out with costs would be great, to win a dream wedding dress for her, well that would be perfect!!!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Feeling Better & A Trip To Benllech Beach

Sorry guys, haven't been feeling 100% well lately,  luckily I am now a little better and back on the PC. i have had an amazing 2 weeks, have been to London twice to see the Olympics, once at Wimbledon with my son to see the tennis, and the 2nd time to the actual Olympic Park with my sister, on a VIP trip. I will be writing about both trips ASAP and updating with some pics. I also need to think of another competition prize!!

I spent the day yesterday recuperating in the sun, sitting having some lunch right by the sea at one of my favourite Beach's at Benllech, Anglesey, North Wales. its a lovely cafe called the Bay Cafe/Restaurant  It has a great day and evening menu. My daughter's boyfriend works there as a waiter so my daughter has been a few times and had some lovely meals, they do a lovely fresh sea bass etc. We decided to only have a light meal as it was such a hot day, I had prawns and jacket potato and my partner he had a hamburger made of the freshest beef and chips. Both were lovely.

This is the amazing view from my seat

This beach is great for kids, its huge, sandy, the tide goes right in and out so plenty of room to play but as the tide will come back right up, its handy for paddling, swimming etc. They sometimes have kids clubs/donkeys/bouncy castles in the summer. All year round they have a cafe across the road, parking is about £3.50 for the day and if you cannot park in the main carpark there is an overflow carpark at the top of the hill and roadside parking for up to 60 mins etc.
    We visit this beach quite alot during the year, there are rocks and dunes for the kids to play on and a river flowing into the sea that they like to dig and dam up - this can take hours and usually most of the kids from the beahc are there helping so you can lie back and sunbathe in peace.

Also Benllech is a lovely holiday area, lots of shops, food places, walks, drives to other local beachs and activities etc. there are quite a few caravan places to stay at and camping facilities just a walk away from the sea.