Friday, 26 October 2012

My Daughters 18th Birthday Trip to Portugal - Albufeira Strip!!

What a blast, i took my daughter her 8 friends ranging from 16-17 and my sister on a long weekend to Albufeira, Portugal for an 18th birthday celebration.
Now i thought i was mad cos to be honest, the thought of taking 9 teenagers anywhere was pretty scary lol but it all worked out great. they all behaved amazingly and no arguments between them at all!
so we all left wales on the Thursday afternoon, we had a minibus all booked to pick us up, we managed to only take 3 big suitcases and we all had hand luggage. quite impressive, think we had 3 hairdryers and 2 straighteners between us all and about 20 pairs of shoes ha ha

We got to Manchester airport with plenty of time to spare, checked in our 3 suitcases and went to make our way though security, i was a little nervous at losing one of them so we had a headcount game, well we tried but it seems teenagers cannot count to 11 lol or remember a simple number.

Managed to upset a guy in the queue when one of the girls came over to stand next to me after i called her, he accused her of pushing in lol i told him straight that she didn't push in and that he was being silly. this got him all riled up and he started shouting at us. OOps lol

so hand luggage going through security and one of the girls has left her liquids in her suitcase so she gets it checked then they test the liquids lol what fun.

finally we are all through and the girls are off looking at the duty free, we all go get some sandwiches and drinks etc for the plane, i find the meal deals in Boots to be a bargain for the aeroplane. a bottle of water costs about 3 euros on the plane so definitely a saving buying before u fly! i go off to look at the sunglasses and it seems they have quite a few in the sale, and they are pretty good prices. i just cannot choose a pair tho and end up with some Siena ones that cost me £25, they are pretty nice and definitely do the job so....

then we all go looking for our gate, which is the worst part about flying Ryanair, as if u don't get to your gate quick enough you could end up at the back of the queue and get a crap seat on the plane on your one. So one of us keeps an eye on the TV and finally our flight pops up at gate 54 i think it was, we all walk really fast to our gate and we get to board the plane really quickly. we get 4 rows between us and the flight isn't full so my sister and i get a 3 seater to ourselves. NICE.

so we settle in on our flight, its not bad, 3 hours pass by pretty quick and before we know it we have landed! whoop Alburfeira here we come!!

our mini bus is waiting for us as we get through security, i booked it with resorthoppa online and It was a bargain, got 2 minibuses to pick us up and take us to the resort which is about 40 minutes drive away.

We get to the hotel about 11.30pm ish check in pretty easily, go to our rooms sort out beds, unpack a little and its straight out to party!!!!! think we got home at 4am lol 

next day is spent by the pool, its not great but the kids are jumping in and out of the pool, oh to be 17 again lol those were the days

Little Black Dress Night - 2nd night out

2nd day is much better, girls are in the pool, sunbathing and my sister and i visit the beach! 

 Natalie's 18th Birthday, 3rd night out

4th night out is more sedate, we dress up but don't start drinking till later and we get home before 3am! fab lol

oh and here is myself as little red riding hood, dont i look cute?

so what a fab time we had!! great place to celebrate a birthday, stag due, hen night etc cannot wait to go back. We partied every night till 5am ish

unfortunately arriving home after all that drinking and dancing was quite a shock to our bodies, i could hardly walk from blisters from all that dancing and i felt like i had hit a truck my hangover was so bad. am just glad i didn't have to get up early and go to work the next day lol