Wednesday, 30 January 2013

2013 - kids, life and a power plate!

Welcome to 2013 - kids, life and my new power plate!

Life has been pretty busy since Xmas, i have my 3 teenagers who are all planning their futures, my daughter is busy applying for universities for a Sports Psychology degree - i am busy wondering how much it will all cost
my son is applying for college and 6th form for engineering level 3, Physics and something else and i am wondering which one would be best for him
my youngest sons is about to choose his options! now that's a hard one too as hes not quite up with his peers and he wants to do history and geography GCSE's aghhh

me? well i am busy trying to keep fit, i seem to have put on a stone in weight since the summer and it could either be the non-smoking (14 months and counting) or my under active thyroid that i seem to have, i just started a low dose of thyroxine so am hoping that helps. so today the 30th Jan i weigh 11 stone 3 pounds!! - thats a first i only weighed 9 stone exactly when i was 9 months pregnant with my first child lol a little scary!

I started the gym at DW sports fitness 12 days special and that was fun but its finished now and i cannot really afford £28 a month off peak which is a shame as i would love to go on the treadmill every day. i would run locally but i live in a very hilly part of wales and i hate running uphill ha ha actually downhill is not good either. i did start the NHS's couch to 5K as my post here describes but its the hills that stopped it, they are everywhere. An ideal prize for me would be to win a treadmill! heres hoping... ha ha

So after reading reveal and seeing all those glamorous bodies, i decided to buy myself a power plate, now all the famous people are trying it and i have found numerous exercises i could do on it, apparently just 10 minutes on it is equivalent to 60 minutes normal exercise - i know that it may seem a really lazy way to exercise but at least i will be in the nice and warm, visit back soon as i will be posting the results of my trial very soon

if you get stuck with yours, please visit these youtube videos for some ideas
power plate part 1
power plate part 2
Tone those abs!
and for that man in your life so he doesnt feel let out,
build a 6 pack! :)

Now if you are looking to lose some weight, get fit or even give up those smokes finally, then please visit the brilliant Get Fit Feel Epic campaign from they have a handy calculator which will tell you how much money you could save if you give up smoking and cut down on drinking, eating fast food etc. Maybe this will help in your struggle like me to lose those pounds and feel a bit fitter!
The Zip tracks your steps, distance and calories burned and syncs it with your computer or Smartphone. You can monitor your fitness, challenge friends to compare progress and cheer each other on as well as exporting your data into other apps like My Fitness Pal that you may already be using.
The Aria tracks weight, % body fat and BMI allowing you to sync it with your computer or Smartphone. The scales automatically recognise up to eight users, allows you to see trends in your weight loss by using visual aids such as graphs, set weight loss goals and manage calories, plus they’re sleek and stylish to boot!

They also have a fab competition on their blog / to win a Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker, worth £49.99 and Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scales, worth £99.99 and i am entering with this blog post!! wish me luck