Sunday, 4 November 2012

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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Halloween 2012 - Party and Dressing up time

 So this year, my friend Zoe asked if we could go out on Halloween, now i normally answer the door to trick or treaters and help my kids into their costumes and take them to some kind of party or castle or event of some kind. But my friend celebrates Halloween by going out for a drink as she lost her dear best friend a few years back and her birthday was on Halloween, so now she celebrates it without her, so what could i say?? hell yeah i am going out lol !!

Its half term this year and i am still tired from being at Alton Towers the day before and also  from the weekend before in Portugal celebrating my daughters 18th. But life goes on and things need to be done!
My friend Julie is also coming along and my boyfriend Tony and whoever else we can find mad enough. We have decided to to go the local nightclub that is doing a Zombies V Vampire night. I am dressing up as a witch, my boyfriend as a Zombie, Zoe as a Vampire, her sister as a mad person eating zombie and Julie - well shes too scared to dress up lol

 Me and my cat Jasper, his eyes are scarier than me lol

I got dressed up as above and get the sweets ready for the trick or treaters, i accidently scare a little girl at my door as i stepped into the light, bless her she ran away screaming to her mum ha ha

 My daughter Natalie, a zombie school girl - all her own makeup, pretty impressed!

 My boyfriend Tony, the Zombie

we used the fake blood, baby powder in hair, some latex glue stuff that made good scrapes and cuts and we slashed his shirt and added blood and gravy browning lol

 Me as the wicked witch of the West

i just painted my face green and added the costume lol

 Zombie Tony and my mate Julie
 Julie and Me

 Caz - so lifelike!! scary zombie lol

Zombie Tony and Vampire Zoe

 Official Embassy Night Club Photo - From Left to right: Julie, Tony, Me, Zoe & Caz

We visited a few pubs on the way to the club and my boyfriend even visited the local garage to get some cash out of the machine - people putting their petrol in had a right laugh at him lol 

as you can see we had a fab time, the only downer on the night is that the club shut at 2am, whats with that? lol i was still rearing to go.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone, see you all next year.........

Our Stay at the Alton Towers Resort! Park & waterpark Spash Zone

I recently won a visit to the Alton Towers Hotel with tickets to the park and splash zone!! this was a weetabix competition on face book ( a vote one) the kids were pretty excited, as was i lol
we got there early Sunday evening, checked in really easily, all the staff were lovely and polite! very impressed. The atmosphere was child friendly and very Alton Towers with the music etc. The lift even had music which added some fun to the experience. we loved out room, unfortunately we hadn't bothered with a themed room but ours was basic but comfy. all the beds are silent night ones so very comfy. we had a king size bed and bunk beds, the boys argued for the top bunk but luckily we stayed 2 nights so one night each guys lol

we got changed and ran downstairs so we could go watch the entertainment. we decided to order some cocktails so with my daughter being newly 18 and having ID we made her go order the drinks lol, she got asked for her ID and was very nervous bless her lol 
we got some kind of vampire cocktail which was lovely, i ended up with a sligjtly blue tongue tho lol

the live band was really impressive, they were all dressed up Halloween style and played/sang the latest songs live. we really enjoyed it all. so off to bed, get ready for our early morning, alarm is set for 7.30am!!

we are up with the alarm, straight for breakfast, which was lovely, a selection of cereals, fruits, pastries, juices, hot drinks and cooked breakfast, yummy. we stuffed ourselves and then ran upstairs to get ready for a day in the park.

the monorail to get there was fun, we manged to get in and on 13 without any queues as we were there really early. the kids then ran around deciding what rides to go on, we went on all the water rides, which were great fun and we got pretty wet, i loved the fact you can shoot people with water while they are on the rides, so we did that alot.

we got pretty tired at about 2pm, so we went back to our rooms, got changed and decided to to go the spashzone for a bit, we had 2 day tickets for both so thought we would go back to the park later in the evening as it was open till 9pm. the water park was pretty good, the boys loved it, we didn't see them much other than the occasional queue for the slides. there was a nice outdoor Jacuzzi which was lovely so myself and my daughter just relaxed in there.

about 5pm we went back to our room to get ready for our evening in the park - now it was getting dark and the park looked amazing with all the lights etc. the kids went on Oblivion and a few other  rides. i took my son to the Ice Age 4d show which was fab, i just love these and it was fun how it snowed for us etc.

we left the park at about 8.30 tired and hungry, went back to our rooms to change then went down for dinner (i had booked a table at the restaurant) we had the most amazing food there, i had slow cooked duck with a stirfry and it had the most amazing sauce, best duck ever! Natalie had salmon linguine, which was lovely too and Paul had chicken wraps which arrived in a box type plate. Matty boring as usual had a burger lol

 we were so tired after our day at the park that we went straight to bed and fell asleep before 11pm ha ha
Above is the picture we had taken at the aquarium as we went in, i think its pretty snazzy. they also had them at the IceAge 4d show with a snow background but unfortunately our pic was not very good.
next morning we worked a little slower, getting up at 7.45, wondering down fro breakfast and then coming back to bed for half an hour. so tired etc we had to check out by 10am so by 9.30 we were packed and leaving our room, ready for another day at the park.  checking out was a breeze but this time as we were so late leaving, the queue fro the monorail was awful! silly us decided to walk to the park - i wouldn't recommend this as its really far lol the kids wanted to go on the spinning mouse ride - the queue for that was horrendous too!

luckily the next ride we wanted to go on we had a fast track for, compliments of the hotel so it was perfect as that queue would have been very long too!! we finally managed to get Paul on a ride, hes 14 and pretty nervous at new things so this was great, i loved 13, its a rollercoaster with a little twist at the end, cannot wait to go on it again.

 As you can see by the pic above, my son Matty is a bit of a poser and knew exactly where the camera was, i got this as a keyring so i can always remember it ha ha

 We got quite bored of the queues and decided to go back to the water park for the afternoon before our long drive home back to Wales. We had a great time, my tips would be to wear comfy shoes, make sure you go the ride your really want to go on first before the queues get huge and maybe get some fast tracks for rides if you can. Also take alot of money as its all pretty expensive!