Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Time flying, Children off to Further Education, Losing weight & Keeping fit

Too Busy for my Blog

well lately I have been too busy for my blog, I have been entering competitions a lot, spending time with my children sorting out my daughters University finance, accommodation, etc and my sons 6th form stuff - need to apply for EMA and he has an interview for college tomorrow for Electrical Engineering level 3 Btec. My youngest son has had to make his GCSE choices too which has been hard as hes in all the special lessons so needs a little extra help with study. hes finally chosen History & Geography because he loves them (i had a word with the teachers and they will help him) and Engineering Btec level 1.

They are all 2 years apart in school which has been great so far but very stressful when it comes to leaving school and choosing university and getting student finance etc ha ha

My daughter has chosen Liverpool John Moore's University and the course is Applied Sports Psychology - she has done the btec level 2 & 3 sports in school and she just needs to get a C in Psychology A level to get onto the course, which we are hoping she gets!! I am currently saving up and buying bits and bobs for her Uni room so if anyone has any tips, please post them in comments. so far I have 2 bath towels, 2 flannels and a cutlery set, my daughter bought herself a posh cheese grater - she has no sense at all

The University itself looks great, its all been redone and cost millions and seemed very high tech inside. we met some of the current students so we could chat and my daughter asked lots of questions. her accommodation is a 5 minute walk away so will be very handy for town, shopping and the nightlife etc. Am actually quite jealous :(

i started the 28 day at DW Sports today, its my nearest gym and its pretty expensive but  they are doing a deal where you pay £28 for 28 days off peak and peak time so pretty good as I still haven't decided if I want to join for 6 months at a time, seems a lot of money and i could get lazy and change my mind!!
Its my school reunion on the 22nd June so since I stopped smoking 17 months ago and have put in a little bit of weight (over a stone) i thought i would try and get fit and lose some of that extra weight, my ideal weight would be 10 stone, this is needed so I get fit lovely into this stunning Faye dress by Erdem worth £825
I won it in the
London Fashion Week competition with Emerald Street.

Its fab! but I will be needing a slimmer stomach before I can look good in it, or miracle knickers ha ha but seriously its the most amazing dress ever, Its something I would look at from afar but never actually dream of owning! this is the amazing world of entering competitions.

Its also my 40th Birthday on the 26th June and the local fun run 5K raising money for the local school and other causes so I will be in severe training for the next 28 days!!

Today I met my friend Helen and spent 20 minutes on the cross trainer, 10 mins on the running machine and 10 mins on the rowing machine, then a lovely swim a relaxing gossip in the jacuzzi lol

I have also been using my exercise ball to do some crunch's and any abs exercises i find on the Internet, YouTube is pretty good - try some of these if you feel the need:

Kathy Smith Flat Abs Workout - You Tube
10 Minute Ab Workout on the Stability Ball with Laura London Fitness - You Tube
I still haven't found the best way to exercise that i can actually stick to for longer than a week - think I maybe just very lazy to be honest