Thursday, 16 August 2012

About Me - advertising, my family, blog competitions, product reviews

I am a mother of 3, i have 2 boy Matthew & Paul aged 15 and 14 and a daughter Natalie who has just turned 18. We live on Anglesey, North Wales which is a beautiful area and i have the most amazing view of the Snowdonia Mountain Range from my window.

I currently have some time on my hands and have made this blog to show my family and friends what I get up to. I currently enter competitions and this is my story about that here

I am holding my own competitions so if you own a product you would like added to any competition, or reviewed, or you have a facebook, website you need advertised then please contact me.

Contact details:

twitter: tamalyn1
facebook: tamalyn.roberts
email: tamalynroberts(at)

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